World’s Tech Visionaries to Watch in 2022

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Pillars of a Successful Tech Leadership

“World’s Tech Visionaries to Watch in 2022” is the World’ Leaders latest edition about some of the most influential CEOs who are influencing, inspiring, and invigorating others with their zeal to strive for success. The cover features Ian Hurdle, the founder and director of The Agency Turks and Caicos. Ian Hurdle is the most experienced, and his team turns to him for guidance in all areas of everyday operations. Being active on social media, sharing his successes and the path he took to them, gives his team members a very public road map to follow. As a leader, there is nowhere to hide. The ongoing review of objectives, including where you have succeeded and failed, what has to be updated, and what must be repeated, even if it is tedious. Honesty is essential. To advance in any endeavour, you must be honest with yourself every day; else, your business will stall as you fall into a very cosy rut.

“Keep your curiosity alive. Ask inquiries incessantly and consider other people’s viewpoints. This will enable you to comprehend new technologies better and anticipate applications that will enhance people’s lives and enterprises.”

We believe you will find our leaders’ perspectives on the future to be informative because they come from a variety of tech industries, including tech, healthcare, education, and travel. “World’s Tech Visionaries to Watch in 2022” has many stories like Ian Hurdle. These leaders clearly illustrate that a leader is capable of not only building exceptional firms that compete on a global scale, but also of being at the forefront of multi-national organizations.

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