World’s Most Successful Black Women to Watch in 2022

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“World’s Most Successful Black Women to Watch in 2022”, World’s Leaders latest edition which highlights the tales of woman business leaders who are transforming lives and businesses. The cover features Jean Drummond, President and CEO of HealthCare Dynamics International (HCDI). She ensures every team member feels empowered to strive toward HCDI’s vision: improving the quality of health for all, especially vulnerable populations.

Lending a helping hand and connecting with others through empathy always came naturally to Jean Drummond. Her passion for health and the greater good for all was fundamental in the pursuit of her career in healthcare and public health.  Beginning her studies in respiratory therapy, she continued to become a dedicated Physician’s Assistant, delivering quality primary health care to those most vulnerable in her community.  Serving for over 15 years in low-income areas that experienced health professional shortages, she experienced the devastating impact of health disparities on disadvantaged communities and sought drastic, systems-wide change to the health care system in the United States.

Over 12 million enterprises are owned by women in the US. More over a third of those companies are managed by black women. The COVID-19 epidemic dramatically altered the corporate environment. These ladies jumped at the chance to provide new services as customer requirements changed. “World’s Most Successful Black Women to Watch in 2022”, has listed exemplar woman leaders like Jean Drummond. These woman leaders clearly illustrate that transformational leaders employ a variety of strategies to motivate their team members to realize this common goal.

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