World’s Most Passionate Healthcare Leaders to Follow in 2022

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Transformation that will Improvise Healthcare

Since the creation of eyeglasses and the stethoscope, medical technology has gone a long way. The rise of a more wealthy middle class, as well as an aging global population, are all pushing change in the healthcare business, and the related technology is developing quicker than ever before. According to the World Economic Forum’s healthcare business profile, more than a billion individuals would need medical technology reskilling by 2030.

Many of the most intriguing new medical technologies must be utilized in tandem, and coordinated efforts to do so currently exist. Forward and One Medical, for example, adopt a concierge-style approach to primary care, utilizing technology to allow clinicians to spend more quality time with their patients. But that’s only the start.

The Covid-19 epidemic pushed healthcare into the future in 2020 and 2021, and as a result, numerous innovative medical innovations were tried on a large scale. The challenge in 2022 is how such technologies may be employed in tandem in a post-pandemic environment.

One major example of this is how IT teams have gotten integrated into hospital operations. Technology businesses are developing an increasing number of solutions for healthcare clients, ranging from cybersecurity to AI applications.

Data interoperability, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) have all been used effectively.

This growth in investment, as well as the pressing demand for improved digital solutions, is reflected in the healthcare technology industry trends. According to CB Insights, global healthcare funding will reach an all-time high in 2020. There were almost 5,500 transactions, totaling $80.6 billion in equity capital. There were also a record 187 healthcare mega-rounds ($100M+).

In 2020, funding for digital health firms will reach an all-time high of $26.5 billion. In 2020, on-demand healthcare was the most financed “value proposition.” In 2022, the industry expects healthcare technology to unleash considerable value and have a big influence on digital health trends.

Our research and expertise have led us to leaders who are working to enhance their businesses while maintaining their vision in line with their core values. In its most recent edition, “World’s Most Passionate Healthcare Leaders to Follow in 2022,” World’s Leaders recognized the most renowned healthcare leaders based on their vision and success.

The cover features Tonya Windersis CEO of Allergy & Asthma Network. She is responsible for guiding the company in the strategic direction determined by the board. She ensures that the AAN team follows its purpose, vision, and values while achieving major goals on a daily basis. Tonya is AAN’s national spokesman and key fundraiser, as well as the organization’s representative at national and international stakeholder gatherings.

The happiest part of her Tonya’s day starts with the first hour she awakes and spends time in prayer, meditation, and Bible study, often with her infant grandson at her side. She enjoys her morning coffee and he enjoys his bottle. Tonya calls this “Lolli” time, and it starts the day in the perfect direction.

In this special issue, we’ll share similar, inspirational tales and interviews with many of these dedicated leaders to raise awareness about their efforts to make the work place an abode improvement and growth. Also, while you flip through the pages, don’t forget to read the articles created by our in-house editorial staff and industry experts.

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