World’s Most Iconic CEOs in Middle East, 2022

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The Business Leadership Transformation in Middle East

Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to change the corporate environment as different industries have reacted differently to the virus’s particular difficulties. While some industries have prospered despite the pandemic, others have encountered difficult obstacles as a result of an unprecedented economic upheaval.

Leaders suggest that 2022 might be even better as the virus recedes, mutations notwithstanding. Business sentiment appears to have improved over the past year.

The disruption that Covid-19 and the accompanying lockdowns caused to the world economy is likely to have permanently altered how business is conducted. Leaders are pointing out that trends like working from home, digitization, and greater degrees of flexibility are ones that will endure. Technology has been emphasised as being essential for adjusting to the “new normal” in the globe and overcoming new obstacles in industry.

Businesses continue to struggle with their supply chains, and CEOs are increasingly striving to strengthen procurement and increase resilience to stop any additional disruptions. While some businesses are thriving in the Gulf at pre-pandemic levels as a result of the region’s strong rebound in commodity prices, there is still a significant potential of further disruption from new Covid-19 variations.

In this special edition of World’s Most Iconic CEOs in Middle East – 2022, World’s Leaders has selected some of the most influential leaders who have successfully met the challenges of the recent past and have asked them for their predictions for the year 2022. We believe you will find our leaders’ perspectives on the future to be informative because they come from a variety of industries, including tech, healthcare, education, food and beverage, and travel.

The cover features Tariq Chauhan Group CEO and Co-founder of EFS Facilities Services Group. In the profession, Tariq has faced numerous hurdles; to single out just one would be unfair. He believes all the obstacles and struggles have blended into one massive snowball ofhardship that has taught a valuable lesson: resilience.

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