World’s Best Language Influencers for the Year 2022

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Leading World to Overcoming Language Barriers

World’s Leaders latest project “World’s Best Language Influencers for the Year 2022” takes the example of the specialist language of fashion as a case study: by highlighting how the recognition of peripheral influencers can lead to visible results in the practice of the language, it demonstrates that the establishment of a standard is not necessarily subject to traditional hierarchies. The cover features Eric Bauwelinck CEO at Mastervoice. Eric has always had the drive and aspiration to make a difference, be recognized in the industry, collaborate with peers to share best practices, and provide added value to customers with dedicated project coordinators. Voices from Above, a book about the transformation from on-site to online interpreting, was written and published by Eric. His personal interests include philosophy and language technology, and the magic of languages. He considers human language to be a special gift that has the power to alter and shape ideas, people, and even entire industries.

The power that the community of users exerts on the speech typically determines the norm in specialised languages, or acceptability in terms of use at all levels, from pronunciation and vocabulary to the structure of genres. However, there is a gradation between the professional user and the amateur user in “non-hierarchical” or “non-regulated” professions or fields of expertise, which results in fluid, often dichotomous borders. An example of this is “influencers” who utilise social networks (such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to express their opinions about fashion. Whatever the purists may claim, when they approach the core of the profession, they leave in their path a number of borrowings that are essentially Anglicisms in the case of the Spanish influencers. “World’s Best Language Influencers for the Year 2022” also features language influencer like Eric Bauwelinck.

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