World’s Rising High Women Leaders in Mortgage Industry, 2022 – II

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Diversity and Inclusion in Mortgage Sector

“World’s Rising High Women Leaders in Mortgage Industry, 2022 – II” is World’s Leaders latest edition that features woman leaders from mortgage sector which are thriving in leadership and leading with best practices and strategies to take their idea into action. The cover features Jen Du Plessis CEO at Kinetic Spark Consulting.  Jen Du Plessis worked in the mortgage industry for four decades as a processor, manager, underwriter, branch manager, district manager, regional manager, and national manager. She also had her own brokerage for nine years. For half her time in the industry, she was an originator. She also was a managing member of BNI (Business Network International), and that’s when she began expanding her coaching practice. Many people approached her and enquired about how she had accomplished so much.

Although it is easier said than done, many mortgage firms are attempting to integrate diversity and inclusion into their culture. There is still a long way to go until the playing field is leveled for all homebuyers, even while the housing industry has made achievements in furthering racial justice and helping underprivileged neighborhoods. Mortgage lenders are required to respect and value diversity and inclusion at work. Measurement of skills and abilities, acceptance of diversity, abandonment of antiquated habits, and creation of an environment free from prejudice and fear are the first steps in this process. “World’s Rising High Women Leaders in Mortgage Industry, 2022 – II” has featured many mortgage leaders like Jen Du Plessis who are becoming an inspiration for others.

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