World’s Most Successful Black Corporate Leaders to Watch in 2022 – II

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A Progressive Way of Leadership

World’s Leaders latest edition “World’s Most Successful Black Corporate Leaders to Watch in 2022” has curated a list of the black CEOs that have been successful in leading some of the top organizations working in industries as diverse as healthcare to consumer goods. Besides rescuing businesses that had their heads above water in diverse industries, these leaders have created space for inspiration for their community in the USA and the world. The cover features Kirk Law, the chief development officer at Cohesity, understood from an early age what it meant to be seen as accountable for something bigger than oneself and to be flexible enough to accept new directions.

To find out, we talked to a number of accomplished Black executives who work for renowned companies in a variety of sectors, including banking, technology, e-commerce, professional services, consumer packaged goods, and others. These businesses strive to adhere to best practices. Then, we conducted a series of focus groups during which 8–10 young Black workers discussed their professional experiences. We asked the respondents what they would advise their CEOs to do with reference to DEI efforts and what they desired their companies and organizations would alter. “World’s Most Successful Black Corporate Leaders to Watch in 2022” has many inspiring stories of black business leaders like Kirk Law.

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