World’s Most Influential Women in Law, 2022

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“World’s Most Influential Women in Law, 2022” is the World’ Leaders latest edition about some of the most influential women in Law who are influencing, inspiring, and invigorating others with their zeal to strive for success. The cover features Ana Tereza Basilio, Founding Partner of Basilio Advogados. Basilio Advogados Law Firm was established by Ana Basilio. Over the past 12 years, the firm has experienced exponential growth and is currently among the top national civil litigation, arbitration, and consulting firms. It has a multidisciplinary staff that operates in several business sectors while placing a premium on ethics in its interactions and the never-ending pursuit of excellence. Today, it employs more than 100 lawyers who were carefully chosen in the competitive legal market. They are professionals with a track record of accomplishment who combine a consistent ethical-professional vocation, a sense of teamwork, and performance success before the federation’s most diversified courts.

We believe you will find our leaders’ perspectives on the future to be informative because they come from a variety of industries ad represents a wide are of sectors. “World’s Most Influential Women in Law, 2022” has many stories like Ana Tereza Basilio. These woman leaders clearly illustrate that a leader is capable of not only building exceptional firms that compete on a global scale, but also of being at the forefront of multi-national organizations.

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