World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022

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“World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022” is the World’ Leaders latest edition about some of the most influential women in education who are influencing, inspiring, and invigorating others with their zeal to strive for success. The cover features Phoebe A. Wasfy is the Principal of Philopateer Christian College (PCC), a well-known member of the Association of Christian Schools International and one of Canada’s fastest growing private Christian schools (ACSI). PCC was created in 1999 and is North America’s first private school founded by the Coptic Egyptian community and is available to all students. Phoebe was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and emigrated to North America when she was nine years old. She is a member of both the Ontario College of Teachers and the Ontario Principals Council (OPC). Mrs. Wasfy has been nominated for the Order of Ontario for 2019 and 2020, which is one of the highest honors bestowed by the Province of Ontario and its Governor General for community service. Phoebe was also accepted into The Marquis Who’s Who in America for her professional integrity and great performance in her field. She is also the 2021 Vision Builder Women of Inspiration Award winner.

We believe you will find our leaders’ perspectives on the future to be informative because they come from a variety of industries ad represents a wide are of sectors. “World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022” has many stories like Phoebe A. Wasfy. These woman leaders clearly illustrate that a leader is capable of not only building exceptional firms that compete on a global scale, but also of being at the forefront of multi-national organizations.

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