World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022

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“World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022,” is World’s Leaders latest edition about the most effective woman business educators and leaders in education who are becoming an inspiration for many. The cover features Roslyn Clark Artis, President and CEO at Benedict College. Ms. Artis’ leadership has been praised both locally and globally for being deliberate, professional, and completely dedicated to the growth and transformation of schools and institutions that serve marginalized men and women of color. In 2018, she was named “Female HBCU President of the Year” by HBCU Digest.  In 2019, Roslyn was named to Diverse Issues in Higher Education’s “Top 35 Leading Women in Higher Education.” In 2020, she was named “President of the Year” by Higher Ed Dive for her leadership in navigating the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

In the past, teaching was considered a male-dominated profession in the United States. When the country’s public-school system was formed in the middle of the 19th century, a substantial shift in the gender composition of the profession occurred. Similar to how schoolhouse doors opened, the sphere of education also became available to children from all socioeconomic classes and genders. In actuality, women who couldn’t or didn’t want to be homemakers had few alternative work options since the decision to educate young children had been firmly entrenched as a “feminine” one within a few decades. “World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022,” has many stories like Roslyn Clark Artis that inspire us to visioning a bright future.

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