World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022 – II

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Women Empowerment and Education by Women Visionaries

“World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022” is World’s Leaders latest edition dedicated to promoting education for women at all levels and to reducing gender bias in the establishment of knowledge and education, including schools, colleges, and universities that are exclusively for women in the state. The cover features Dima Rachid Jamali is the Dean and a Professor at the University of Sharjah. She is a strong proponent of lifelong learning and the value of embracing constant interactions with peers who share similar views and exchanging best practices through attendance at important local, regional, and international conferences and events, in addition to executive workshops to stay up to date on the most important new trends and innovations reshaping business and academia.

The government and civil society are particularly concerned about the education of women since educated women can contribute significantly to the growth of the nation. The ability to respond to problems, to challenge their established roles, and to transform their lives are all made possible by education, which is a major step in the empowerment of women. We must not undervalue the value of education in light of women’s empowerment and the nation’s recent ascent to superpower status. “World’s Most Influential Women in Education to Follow, 2022” has featured many women leaders like Dima Rachid Jamali who are bringing improvement in women education by transforming the sector.

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