World’s Most Influential Women in EdTech, 2022

World’s Most Influential Women in EdTech 2022

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Leaders of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Women have been involved in schools and the education system as a whole for many years. Women’s participation as instructors, mentors, and principals has only increased over time; the flexibility that EdTech provides through the use of technology and digital tools has made it even more appealing to women who want to work from home or in flexible employment; and finally, women’s predisposition for nurturing the youth, empathy, willingness to mentor, and higher EQ have been documented anecdotally and in various studies, making them excellent hires in the EdTech space.

With the emergence of startups and the evolution of EdTech business models, the need for adaptable and curious personnel is important. It’s critical for the EdTech sector to reach out to women, who are still fighting for equal rights and are underrepresented in the workforce.

Technology has the ability to usher in a successful Fourth Industrial Revolution, and as a result, it should be able to attract more females. As a result, the organizations will be able to expand in a balanced manner.

Our research and expertise have led us to woman leaders who are working to advance education system while maintaining their vision in line with their core values. In its most recent edition, “World’s Most Influential Women in EdTech, 2022,” World’s Leaders recognized the most renowned leaders based on their vision and success.

The cover features Tanja Schjellerup who has worked in education for many years and has witnessed pupils “falling into the grey zone,” risking becoming drop-out students, mostly because they do not flourish in standard school limits and, at the same time, do not belong in a school for children with special needs.

Tanja had been brainstorming ideas for a solution for these students since 2016, and in 2019, she slowed down her work in her sole proprietary company and shifted focus to the preparations for a new business to come. Skolen Online became public in the fall of 2019 and established itself as Denmark’s most creative online school, where the Skolen team combines online technology with offline reality; an online environment that provides online learning opportunities not just for the students described above, but also for students living abroad, home schoolers, and anybody else who needs a flexible path through the educational system.

In this special issue, we’ll share similar, inspirational tales and interviews with many of these dedicated leaders to raise awareness about their efforts to make the work place an abode improvement and growth. Also, while you flip through the pages, don’t forget to read the articles created by our in-house editorial staff and industry experts.

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