World’s Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2022

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“World’s Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2022,” is World’s Leaders latest edition that recognized the most effective business leaders who are becoming an inspiration for many. The cover features Dean Erhardt, President and CEO at D2 Solutions. Dean has more than 30 years of strategic marketing and management expertise in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Several Fortune 500 companies, including Express Scripts, Cardinal Health, and U.S. Healthcare, have been a part of Mr. Erhardt's career.

Mr. Erhardt now holds the positions of both President and CEO of D2 Solutions. In this role, he oversees the organization's interactions with a range of industry participants, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and eHealth firms, as well as channel partners like pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, specialty distribution, retail, long-term care facilities, hospitals/IDNs, payers, and PBMs. In addition, Mr. Erhardt has worked on several international projects in Singapore, South Korea, Algeria, South Africa, and Albania.

The performance of a CEO is a factor in how the employees and the general public see a firm. Most individuals I know want to see a leader that is more overtly active in various elements of the organization, whether it be development, operations, or marketing. “World’s Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2022,”features many such inspiring leaders including Dean Erhardt.

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