World’s Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2022

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Establishing a New form of Leadership

“World’s Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2022,” is World’s Leaders latest edition which highlights most effective woman business leaders who are raising awareness about their efforts to make the work place an abode of improvement and growth. The cover features Donnica Hawes-Saunders Senior Manager, Global Strategic Partnerships and Civil Engagement at Philip Morris International. She is a mission-driven, collaborative connection builder. She creates and manages public relations outreach and external communication engagements for Philip Morris International (PMI) with civil society as the company transitions out of the cigarette business and toward a smoke-free future. Donnica links public policy and corporate interests by means of politically astute, coalition-based communications and strategic alliances. She has over ten years of experience in the private sector and on Capitol Hill.

Today’s women are unstoppable, and their influence and power are growing. Women are creating the structures that will allow them to achieve this as they demand a new society that offers them the freedom to be and be whatever they want.

Although there has been a rise in the number of female executives, there is always opportunity for development. Women can have a significant positive impact on their jobs by being driven, flexible, and innovative. Risk-taking is frequently prioritized by female leaders, who choose innovative ideas over convention and security. This strategy might spur greater invention and opportunities.

In order to enhance business outcomes, leaders have to place a strong emphasis on connections and teamwork. Leaders that are transformational pay attention to others, exhibit empathy, and include input from all stakeholders in their plans. This makes sure that the employees, community members, and partners in the community feel included in and dedicated to that goal. “World’s Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2022,” has listed exemplar woman leaders like Donnica Hawes-Saunders.

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